Friday, September 30, 2005

Things To Do

Find out about your birthday here.

I found out:
You entered: 7/17/1973

Your date of conception was on or about 24 October 1972.

You were born on a Tuesday under the astrological sign Cancer.
Your Life path number is 8.

The Julian calendar date of your birth is 2441880.5.
The "golden" number for 1973 is 17. (A number showing the year of the lunar or Metonic cycle. It is reckoned from 1 to 19, and is so called from having formerly been written in the calendar in gold.)
The "epact" number for 1973 is 25. (The moon's age at the beginning of the calendar year, or the number of days by which the last new moon has preceded the beginning of the year.)
The year 1973 was not a leap year.

As of 9/30/2005 10:04:42 AM CDT
You are 32 years old.
You are 386 months old.
You are 1,680 weeks old.
You are 11,763 days old.
You are 282,322 hours old.
You are 16,939,324 minutes old.
You are 1,016,359,482 seconds old.

There are 290 days till your next birthday on which your cake will have 33 candles on it.

Those 33 candles produce 33 BTU's, or 8,316 calories of heat (that's only 8.3160 food Calories!). You can boil 3.77 US ounces of water with that many candles.

In 1973 there were approximately 3.7 million births in the US.
In 1973 the US population was approximately 203,302,031 people, 57.4 persons per square mile.
In 1973 in the US there were approximately 2,158,802 marriages (10.6%) and 708,000 divorces (3.5%)
In 1973 in the US there were approximately 1,921,000 deaths (9.5 per 1000)

Your birthstone is Ruby. The Mystical properties of Ruby:
Ruby is said to open one's heart to love.

Some lists consider these stones to be your birthstone. (Birthstone lists come from Jewelers, Tibet, Ayurvedic Indian medicine, and other sources) Carnelian

Your birth tree is: Elm Tree, the noble-mindedness: Pleasant shape, tasteful clothes, modest demands, tends not forgive mistakes, cheerful, likes to lead but not to obey, honest and faithful partner, tends to a know-all-attitude and making decisions for others, noble-minded, generous, good sense of humour, practical.

There are 86 days till Christmas 2005!

The moon's phase on the day you were born was waning gibbous.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I Do Everything...

So I've been a bit down. I am having some health issues again that have me very stressed out. Truthfully I've been so depressed I havent really been doing much household things. Tomorrow I am going to try and pull myself together enough to get some of it accomplished. It's not alot, just general straightening up, washing the clothes, this and that...

Joe's been really great about it. He's very worried about me. Tonight we went down to McDonald's to grab something to eat and on the way home he said he missed my cooking. I felt bad. He tried so hard, he works so hard. I feel like he does so much and yet theres never any lead way or something comes up, like now my health again. He wasn't complaining about my not cooking lately, he just misses it and he made of point of making that clear.

In fact he said, "Its not that you dont do anything, because you do EVERYTHING!"

And he's right. I make sure his problems disappear, I make his calls, I schedule his appointments and gigs, I take care of the band, the acoustic act too, and all its little dilema's. I cook and clean and somehow still manage to keep my head somewhat on straight, lol :-)

And why? Because I love him, no matter what. Just like he loves me, no matter what.

Monday, September 26, 2005

The Good, Bad, Funny... My Weekend In Review

For the most part my weekend was like any other weekend I have, BUSY. Joe was suppose to play out Thursady through Sunday but Thursday and Sundays show both cancelled. Fridays show was at Bull On The Beach in Bel Air. MoJo plays there once a month, sometimes twice. This is always a fun time. I got a suprise while there. A new friend, Kathie and her boyfriend Tim from the band Loan Me A Dime came out. In the past we had only spoken on the phone. It was nice meeting them and Tim got up and performed wo songs. Very nice people and Tim has a great voice.

Saturday was spent at Remington's in Beltsville. Walking into this place I honestly had the feeling this would not be a good show. It just did not seem like the typical type room for MoJo to play in. Lesson learned: Looks are definately decieving! The people here were great and very friendly. Before the first set was even through someone was buying not only Joe and Pete, but also me a round! Cool! The owner was there and he was a very friendly man. Needless to say, MoJo was a hit and we will be booked back there through the new year!

Sunday was probably the most drama based day of mine and Joe's weekend. Before I go into this I have to give some history about 2 details of Sunday. #1 We went to Malibu's Lakeside which is about 5 minutes from our house. They were having a benefit called Rock For Sarah. Sarah is a beautiful little girl who was born with multiple problems. To read more on Sarah go here. #2 When I refer to Ghoulie Bass, this is an old bass player that used to be in Joe's rock band MDA. When I refer to the bitch, that would be Ghoulie Bass' wife.

Joe and I were having a great time. We ran into alot of old friends from other local bands, hung out with the three bands that were playing: Without Reason, Silvertung (Ghoulie's current band), and Unbroken. We were laughing and carrying on. Just plain having a really good time.

More past history: There was an incident last October that occured (I wont go into deatils of this for personal reasons) which cause Ghoulie to quit MDA. Upon doing this he still had Joe's guitars and amp because Ghoulie owned the trailer everything was hauled in. He refused to return these items and the police needed to be called. Due to this "the bitch" hates me and Joe!! Whatever!! What was I suppose to do?

Back to the story: We were there about 2 hours, I go to the ladies room. In the ladies room there are two stalls. I was in one and someone else was in the other. I hear two women walk in and one remarks that "great theres a line". I hurry it up and exit the stall to see "the bitch". The woman tells her she can go ahead and go first. "The bitch" makes arather lewd comment I wont repeat in regards to me and I walk straight up to her and get in her face and tell her she isnt worth the time... blah blah. I walk out of the ladies room and tell Joe he had better get me the hell out of there or I was going to break her in half. Now I am no bad ass but I definately can hold my own. Anyone who knows me personally can testify to that. "The bitch" also is about 4'11" and 100lbs wet so... literally I could break her in half like a twig! Joe tells me I should go knock her teeth out of her mouth. Being the more calm of the two of us I opt not to do this for a few reasons, mainly this was benefit for a sick child!

We eventually make it back outside to the pavillion where the events are happening. Joe is being Joe and swearing he going to say something to her. I finally gave in and said no I'd handle it. We finally see her and I walk up to her and ask her "what is your fucking problem"... she gives me the hand telling me "she doesnt have a fucking problem" while rolling her eyes and pivoting around to return to her little nest. In the process her hand almost slaps me in the face... Um... ok, did I say I would be mature, calm? Guess what? I pushed her so hard she flew about 20 feet into 3 other women like a bowling ball hitting pins! I think she got my point!

This isnt the first time Joe and I have had to deal with her mouth and to tell the truth it felt good doing what I did. I do not condone violence at all but she is just a straight up piece of shit who thinks she is better than everyone. I dont think she will be yapping much anymore about us!

Ok done!

Friday, September 23, 2005

I Told You So... I DID GO RED

Beam Me Up Scotty

I found this on Lewie's blog and needed to check it out...

Blog In Space

Evidentally some people believe that aliens might be reading our blog's. My thoughts are, um, "Jesus, what they must think of me!!!"

Anyhow, transmitting...

I See The Light

I See The Light
I See The Light,
originally uploaded by hopenharmony.
On another note...

I was messing around tonight (20 minutes ago) with my camera and a candle and wahla, this was the outcome. I love it. I wish I'd have looked better for the picture but hey... its 1:15 in the morning!

There are more on my Flickr account from this set!! Take a look!

Thursday, September 22, 2005


So today was a hellashis day!!!

If you know me (in other words if you are a friend who knows me REALLY not just online) you know I DO NOT like to walk anywhere. Well Sean came over. It's Thursday, it's our day to shop and plain hang out. I am really on this thrift store kick lately. Who knew you could find such awesome stuff CHEAP, and alot of times brand new and still CHEAP? Well when he gets here I am working still. We didnt get to go out until nearly 1pm, he shows up and I am still on the phone with clubs, ugh, somedays this phone never stops and other days it doesnt ever ring! Finally I get away from the phone and we head out. Checking my mail on the way, I get a check from a client (acoustic solo artist) for $120. Cool... The bank its drawn on is just up the street. ID in hand, check in the other we are off to the bank. Here starts my hellashis day!!!

Just a quick interruption here: On the way to the bank we see this punk rock girl who lives up the street. She used to have a green mohawk. I have, since moving here, wanted to ask her if I could snap her picture but never had the nerve. Today for some reason I had the nerve. I introduced myself. She said she had seen me around. Ia sked to take her picture, she said okay. I commented on her "cool and different, punk clothes", she said she makes them herself. Neato! If you look closely at the picture you can see stitching around the collar of the shirt!! I guess she probably moreso alters them!! Anyway I was proud of myself for having nerve today!

Back to the bank story: I dont have an account. I need a second form of ID. They wont take my social security card either! Assholes. hey will however take a piece of mail in my name like a bill. Okay... Sean decides to hike back to my house to recover a bill for me. I walk up to the thrift store to scope it out. On the way I take some weird pictures that for some reason on Flickr right now, people are loving. One is of an old newspaper and the other is of this key I saw on a white brick wall. We meet back 20 minutes later outside of the bank. Once inside I am informed that the address on my ID and the address on the bill dont match!! Oh come on now people. I am getting very, um, shall we say PISSED!!!

I give up! sean and I decide to call it a loss and walk back to my house. Wait, I have an old bank debit card with my married name on it!!! We get home, I find it, again back to the bank we go! Can we all have a brief moment here? Finally I get my money!! I am frustrated but getting over it.

At the thrift store I buy Sean some pans for making a cake and a stuffed animal dog. I saw it and it reminded me of him. Mushy gushy! I found a scarecrow to put on my porch for the new season. Joe now owns 3 new shirts (all new with tags). I got a blazer, an OLD NAVY skirt, and 2 pairs of GAP jeans (new with tags). I love GAP! All this for $42. I was happy again! of course I am a woman and shopping will always make me happy.

Other highlights of the day: Sean got his pirahna fish. Two of them. Sean and I went to lunch at Subway. I ate a chicken bacon ranch wrap at subway. I normally just get a meatball sub. I think I found a new fav! Oh and last but not least, dyed my hair tonight... RED!

Fortune Cookie

Pure coincidence I know, but last night I had Chinese food. I am on this kick lately of eating Sweet & Sour Chicken. This morning I stroll on over to Andy's blog and read what his fortune cookie said to him. He must've eaten Chinese too. Anyhow mine said "opportunity will be knocking at your door". Cool.

I found an online fortune cookie, fortune generator. It's kinda cool. Check it out!

IQ Test

So I'm bored... it's 1:13 in the morning. I'm not tired. I took an IQ test. According to them I am a genius!!! Cool beans!

"Your age adjusted IQ score is 147 and the average score of all test takers is 100."

Love Calculator

I don't remember how or why I found this tonight while surfing but needless to say I found it!

Try The Love Calculator.

Joe and I got an 83% score of having a lasting relationship.

Um okay... well I guess that's better than a 50% or lower right?

Joseph Keith loves Stacy Lynne

83 %

Dr. Love thinks that a relationship between Joseph Keith and Stacy Lynne has a very good chance of being successful, but this doesn't mean that you don't have to work on the relationship. Remember that every relationship needs spending time together, talking with each other etc.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Body Wrap

As some of you are aware I have put on a few pounds since we moved 7 months ago. Most of this is due to the fact I am not on the go as much as I used to be. I am comfortable being in my "space". It's not that I eat any more than normal, its just I am not as active. So, needless to say, I have gotten a little epressed over this. I mean I dont look bad. I guess its just me. Insecurity setting in I suppose.

Sean and I were out today and I came across a Day Spa that does Body Wraps for $85. They guarentee you to lose 4-15 inches in one session. Being skeptical I asked questions. The obvious being how long does this last? I got the answer that it depends on the person, blah, blah, you have to watch what you eat.... They also have a suppliment to help you maintain your new found body for $68. Sean has offered to pay for the wrap and I can afford the suppliment.

Does anyone know anything about this? I would think it would be very, very popular if it indeed works these wonders. Tonight I researched... Found thisfrom fat free Kitchen.

What do you all think?

The Vaserman Wedding

What a beautiful day yesterday was!! Pete, Joe and I attended the wedding of Karen Vaserman and Rich Ropp. It took place at Herrington Bay Marina/Beach Club in Tracy's Landing, Maryland. About an hour away for us. They performed as Acoustic MoJo. It was weird seeing Joe so dressed up. They only played one song but it was he important song - the song the bride walks down the isle to!!!

The couple chose Howie Day's, "Collide" as that song. They also had a string quartett. The bride was beautiful. The setting was beautiful. I've never been to an outdoor wedding before much less one set by the water. I took some great pictures. This was a Jewish wedding so it was abit longer in duration. They did the breaking of the glass, a sand ceremony, sharing of wine, etc... The only down fall for me was when at one point the officiant said the attendees might want to join hands with their significant other and "renew" their own vows, which I thought was a special added extra, but couldn't do because Joe was in the performance area. All we culd do was look at one another and mouth "I love you".

Sunday, September 18, 2005

To The Beach We Went

Lucas and his step daughter, Kayla came down overnight. What a cutey pie she is!! She is very spoiled though. She is not happy at all unless she gets her way, but hey, aren't all women like that really?

After much discussion this morning between the kids, Brian, Michael, and Kayla, Lucas and I thought going to the beach would be the best plan for the day. I think we all really wanted to go to the Maryland Renissaunce Festival but for several reasons it just wasn't the best plan (money, Kayla would get bored; she's only 4).

After stopping at the sore nd gathering some new beach towels and something for Kayla to wear in the water, we were off. Our desination: Gunpowder State Park, in White Marsh, Maryland, just down the street from where Lucas and I both grew up.

Everyone enjoyed the water except me. I just didnt want to get in. I've gained a few pounds since moving and not having a car to keep me on the go, so i would have felt uncomfortable in all honesty. The kids had the most fun. I took a ton of pictures which is my new found pastime.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Disapointment & Cemetary's

Great combination huh? What a day I've had.... and it was hot and muggy after a light rain.

First things first, Sean came by and we walked to Rite Aid to drop off my "test" film from the new 35mm Canon. Done...

At 11am I had to be at Maxway for a job interview/take a test session. Maxway is way beneath me. I have far too many qualifications but considering I still do not have my car on the road, I need to find a job in walking distance. So, being a cashier isn't the end of the world right? I guess the pro's are I can wear my everyday clothes. I guess I am just used to siting at a desk wearing a pants suit doing paperwork (yes people there are spellings and punctuations wrong on this blog, but when it's work I do proof read)... Anyhow, I began feeling low when I realized after looking at the "test" that any moron could pass this. Math questions, um like a customer total is $5.00, they hand you a $20.00 bill, what is the correct change? Oh come on already!! Obviously I pass this with flying colors. They will "let me know" in a couple days. Sean says I am over qualified. I am used to making what is considered good money. On the application I had list past employers and my wages. Maybe they were scared I would want more than minimum wage. I am sure thats all their paying. Who knows? Whatever!

Back to Rite Aid. Nothing turned out. I mean NOTHING! There wasn't even anything showing on the negatives! Now after researching today I have found it could be a few things. #1 The shutter and apeture settings were wrong (possibly). #2 I had a hard time getting the film to rewind and at one point in the dark opened the back of the camera so - maybe I exposed it. #3 If the settings were correct, I could have screwed things up because I put a tele converter lens on for added zoom. I now know that my settings should have been changed for this. So tomorrow I will resume testing... ugh... I am bummed.

The cemetary Joe's grandmother and step-grandfather are buried in is across the street from Rite Aid so Sean and I walk over. Joe has wanted to find out where they are located wihin the cemetary so I decided to check into this. We find out where they are and head out to locate the spot. During this time I am snapping pictures. Cemetary's really are beautiful beacuse of the landscaping, monuments and statues. I took some great shots with my digital camera but for the life of us, Sean and I could not find the burial plots. We finally ask for help after an hour of looking. The man who helped us knew exactly where the location was. Joe's grandparents plots were completely overgrown by grass and weeds. I took it upon myself to have them take a week eater to them while I was there. I am after all family now. I did take pictures of the plot but will not post them out of respect for the Arrington family and Joe.

I have mentioned before that Joe's family is sort of a mystery to me. He has nothing to do with his sister or father (ironic really considering my own family situation). His mother passed away long before I came into the picture. God, how I'd have loved her. She sounds like she was wonderful and I know Joe loved her very much. We went one time to where his grandfather is buried. This today was a new member. My poor baby... really all we have is each other and my boys. I just love him so much that I want to know where he comes from. But does that really matter?

Tomorrows a new day...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Cracked Bell by Charles Baudelaire

How bittersweet it is, on winter's night,
To listen, by the sputtering, smoking fire,
As distant memories, through the fog-dimmed light,
Rise, to the muffled chime of churchbell choir.

Lucky the bell—still full and deep of throat,
Clear-voiced despite its years, strong, eloquent—
That rings, with faithful tongue, its pious note
Like an old soldier, wakeful, in his tent!

My soul lies cracked; and when, in its despair,
Pealing, it tries to fill the cold night air
With its lament, it often sounds, instead,

Like some poor wounded wretch—long left for dead
Beneath a pile of corpses, lying massed
By bloody pool—rattling, gasping his last.


So this morning I am doing the daily ritual of looking at my fellow blogger's blogs and I go to Raven's blog. I read her post entitled WTF? My response is WTF - Holy Fuck! I am ashamed that we live in a society where this shit can happen. I decided to post this becuase I feel like the word needs to get out out about the sick fucks living in this world - 2 of which were apparently found, thank God. Unfortunately it wasn't sooner!

Joe -N- Stacy

LOL ;-) What a couple!! We have invaded South Park and you can too by going here. To save your character you have to do it as a screen shot!!! Have fun!

Be sure to leave a link to your blog or photo album so that we can see your character too.

A friend of mine on Flickr told me there is a group on Flickr where you can post your character when you've created it, called South Park.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Her New Toy

The Babies Are A Growin'

Just wanted to give you all an update on the babies. They are now 26 days old. Each has their own little personality. All are doing great!!

Gracie a.k.a Blueberry
Oh what a little trouble maker. First born and the only male. He is now climbing out of the crib (the drawer) everytime he gets a chance. He walks around with no problem and plays and fights with the girls. Hmmph... boys!! He is Joe's favorite.

Moo a.k.a. Lil' Moo Moo
Isn't she precious? She even has spots on her pink little nose. She came second. She is very passive and quiet. She keeps to herself but at the same time doesn't take any crap from her older brother. She walks around but loves laying on her back and rolling around.

Named by Michael because he found her first and said "holy shit" and third in line of birth. She is the second largest of this crew. She is second in line also of being called "trouble". She obviously looks up to her big brother. She will look you straight in the face for minutes at a time and this just melts you.

Hope a.k.a. Runt
The last of the babies born. She is very, very small and fraile. She meows a lot. She is passive but loves to explore. She also holds her own with her siblings for being a tiny tot. I called her Spaghetti Noodle, saying if she got any bigger she might pass as String Bean.


Now I'm making leaps and bounds
Changing from within and out (I am)
I know you haven't seen enough
To pass a judgement, don't give up (I can)

I know I'm changing everyday
Casting off from my old ways (I am)
Just some patience now is all I ask
To show you what's behind this mask (I can)

(Spred my wings and) Fly - show you I'm reborn
(Don't you ever) Cry - I'll show you I'm reborn

I've never taken all these risks
Stress myself for just one kiss (I am)
I'm asking you for open arms
Give you what's inside this heart (I can)

Oh, but I'm not perfect I will fall
Make mistakes I have my faults (I am)
But I will promise I can change
Living in the sun filled days (I can)

(Spred my wings and) Fly - show you I'm reborn
(Don't you ever) Cry - I'll show you I'm reborn

(Have some) Faith in me
(Have some) Faith in me
(Show you) My new form
(Show you) That I am reborn

Show you I'm reborn
I'm reborn
Show you I'm reborn

Monday, September 12, 2005

Canon AE-1 Program

As most of you know I've been on a digital photography binge. I started this probably 3 or so years ago. I've gotten better and better. Currently 5 of my photo's are nominated for awards. Cool beans... plus I just got my new (old - used) digital off Ebay.

I've started thinking lately about learning real photography. Not the type you take with a disposable camera or a point and shoot camera. I want to do the type of photography my mother did all those years ago. The type my grandfather did. He tried so many times to get me to take an interest but I just didn't at that time. Now I wish I had. They both had photography studios. Keepsake Portraits to be exact. These were the types of studios that families went to to have family portraits done. Not those quickie types either like Sears or Olan Mills. I grew up in these studios. My mother told me just last night on the phone how when I was 5 years old I would tell the children getting their photo's taken how to pose.

There's only one difference. I dont want to be a studio photographer. I dont want to take photo's of families. I like "real life" photo's. The sky, nature, weird off the wall things. My favorite is black and white. It's dramatic.

Last night I was looking on Ebay. I remember the camera's my mother and grandfather used. I have a couple on "watch" right now, but I dont think I'll be needing to bid. Sean and I went to the thrift store today and hit the jackpot! I found a Canon AE-1 Program, with the strap, lenses and filters ($34.95). Sean found extra lenses, a tele to be exact which will give me more range complete with it's case ($8.95). We found an awesome camera bag big enough to carry all these accessories and my digital camera ($5.95). Okay, yes I even found a hard case for Joe's cables and microphones, etc ($3.95)... On Monday's they have everything in the store 25% off so all this came to less then $42.00. On Ebay I wuldn't even get the camera for that. And it works. Even the battery was still good. I still need to get a flash. I bought film and am anxious to use it. I found a manual of sorts online but I am still a bit confused about shutter speeds and F-Stops. I think I will mess around a bit tomorrow with it and Sunday I am taking it and my digital camera to a wedding.

Maybe I can be as good as my mother and my grandfaher in Heaven above someday. Maybe I'll just make them both proud.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Updates, Rants and Raves, etc...

The latest...

Thanks to these wonderful little pills, Oxycotins, I am able to walk without feeling like I am dying post surgery. In fact I actually went to the gig last night that Joe had. By the end of the night I was a bit squeemish but... tonight Joe and I went to dinner down the street at Maynard's and watched about 20 minutes of the band, Mary Lou and The Untouchables. Very bluesy... but I liked it, of course that might've been the pills, lol :-) God, knows I am a rock n roll woman!


I have been doing the happy dance all day! This morning I was awoken by the sound of a light knock at my door. I stumble out of bed and wahla, at my feet was the package of all packages! My new - old, bestfriend... my plaything, my newfound joy... my digital camera. It's new to me, but I go it from Ebay used. It works so I dont care. It's like my old camera, but it is the model prior to it. Mine was a Canon A85 Powershot, this one is an A70. Same camera, everything is exactly the same just the controls are a bit different. Anyhow my photo taking has resumed and my friends on Flickr are happy I am back. I've posted a dozen or so new pictures including some self photo's (you know hold the camera out in front of you and snap).


Alhough I am thrilled with my camera. The seller was horrible about communication and my camera took forever to get here. I wanted it for this past Thursday since we were on the Clipper Ship for 3 hours. Oh well...

Tomorrow is Sunday and last Wednesday I emailed my sister asking her to ask my father if he would like to take his daughter to the flea market on Sunday... no reply. She probably never even asked him for me. Now that she finally has him to herself why ruin that? I tried again, and yes, am hurt again.

If any of you read my Interview Me post, you'll understand this: God damn it Lewie, why did you bring up Oreo cookies? I haven't stopped eating them since!! You made me crave them!!!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Surgery Today


I am home. I hurt (a lot). I have to get a prescription filled later. Thanks for all the emails and entries. They mean alot. ~Stacy

Wish me luck. As some of you know, in June of 2002, I had surgery for cancer. Cervical. This put me through a great ordeal, not the diagnoses itself or the actual surgery, although that in itself was shocking and very scary, but the aftermath of what I dealt with. In some cases the cancer itself can effect your blood and it causes you to get "anemic". This happened with me. My body was not producing enough red blood cells and half of the white blood cells it was producing weren't healthy. This causes you to feel weak. You have good days, then bad days, some horrible days where you cant even manage to pull yourself out of bed. Simple everyday things wear you out. My son Michael became my bestfriend during this time. He took care of me and would make me take breaks to sit down when he would see I was tired. He still does. At one point my doctors actually thought I had leukaemia. I still get very confused myself over my actual diagnoses. Did I or did I not have a form of Leukaemia? My answer is always yes and no...

What is Leukaemia?

Leukaemia means a cancer of the blood forming system. Most types of leukaemia cause abnormal white blood cells to be made in the bone marrow. These cells can get into the blood stream and circulate around the body. They do not work normally and so do not give you the protection from infection that they should.

Blood Cells And Leukaemia

In order to understand why leukaemia affects you the way it does, it helps to understand how blood cells are normally produced and what they do.

Normally, blood cells are produced in the bone marrow. They are made in a controlled way, when your body needs them. All blood cells start as the same type of cell, called a stem cell. As they develop (mature) they turn into one of three types of blood cell:

* White blood cells
* Red blood cells
* Platelets

In acute leukaemia, too many white blood cells are made. The type of acute leukaemia you have tells you which type of white blood cell has become cancerous. In myeloid leukaemia, it is the myeloid white blood cells that are cancerous. In lymphoblastic leukaemia, it is the lymphocyte white blood cells that are cancerous.

When too many white blood cells are made, they take up much more room in the bone marrow than they would normally. This means that there is not enough space for making normal white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets.

The white blood cells help to fight infection. If you have too many abnormal white blood cells, the normal cells that fight infections are crowded out. So you are more likely to pick up infections and they can be more difficult to get rid of.

Red blood cells carry oxygen round the body. If you do not have enough of these, you have anaemia. This can make you tired and breathless.

Platelets are vital for normal blood clotting. If you do not have enough platelets, you will have bleeding problems such as nosebleeds, very heavy periods or a fine rash of red spots caused by bleeding into the skin.

In the end I ended up having a lot of doctors appointments, alot of blood taken weekly for blood count readings and lots of "new" medication which was administered in needle form in my a$$. Not pleasant. All this after the initial biopsy's and surgery.

Cone Biopsy

This therapy is used to diagnose and remove abnormal tissue. A cone-shaped tissue sample is surgically removed from the cervix under general or spinal anesthesia in an operating room. The specimen is sent to a pathologist for detailed microscopic examination. If cancer is found, additional treatments are indicated. The cone biopsy is usually performed for suspected cancer.

The surgery I had was called Electrocauterization or a LEEP procedure. Basically they scraped me out like you would a canaloupe.


Loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) emits low-voltage, high-frequency radio waves through a thin loop of wire. Electrical current quickly and safely cuts away abnormal tissue. The procedure takes about 10 to 30 minutes and is performed in the doctor's office or as an outpatient in the hospital. LEEP allows the removed tissue to be examined by a pathologist to ensure that the lesion was completely removed and provide an accurate assessment.

So in October 2004, I had a miscarriage. In the ER that day I was told after the doctor's had reviewed my sonogram that there were 2 small growths formed. It wasnt until recently I went back to the doctors to have this checked. Honestly I was scared. I didnt want to go through all of this again. I didnt want to put my family (Joe and my kids) and friends through this again, but I had started having the same symptoms so I went.

Here we go again... today I have the same procedure again. Wish me luck...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

My Montage

My Montage
Lewie made me a mosaic of ME! Cool huh? The "big" picture is of me wearing Willy Wonka glasses.

Interview Me

Okay so Lewie had this meme on his blog, it's sort of a game, and I opted to let him interview me so these are his questions for me below. If anyone would like me to interview them just leave me a comment telling me so but you might want to read the official rules first. Let the interview begin:

1. What is the proper way to eat an oreo?

Gosh, I don't know. I just kinda eat it whole. I don't think there is a proper way.

2. If you could be any animal (mythical or real), what would you be and why?

A unicorn. One of my favorite childhood animated cartoons was The Last Unicorn. My father always promised me he would buy that DVD but I've never recieved it. I love the mystical, spiritual, aura that surrounds them and their myths.

3. Where would you like to take your significant other on a dream

I don't even have to think about this question. My answer is without a doubt, Nantucket Island. It's been literally 20 years since I have been there. I have spoken to people online who have visited the island recently and where I would have thought it would have modernized alot over 20 years, I was told their community has some kind of law that prohibits modernization. The island is beatiful. Sandy roads, beaches for as far as the eye can see, cobblestone streets in the shopping district. Undescribable. Unless you've actually been there you could never imagine the beauty.

4. What is the strangest thing that was ever said to you?

That their wife said they could have sex with me!!!

5. What would you like on your tombstone?

Hopefully it will say I was loved and that I was a good wife and mother. After all my entire world is my children and Joe. I've made one here.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bowling With Joe

In he five years Joe and I have been together, we have never been bowling. We talked about it, but it always seemed that something was the better idea. Well, yesterday that changed. After a stressful weekend (post below this one), Joe and I finally went bowling.

Our days started by wanting to get something to eat. We went to El Salto's but they were closed for the Labor day holiday, so then it seemed like we were going to just go to Subway when I decided, lol, yes "I" decided... that we were going to go to the Hunan Village Resturaunt, which is directly behind El Salto's. This is funny because I only like a few things on any Chinese menu. So many times Joe has wanted to go there and I refused. He actually got an attitude because of my indecisiveness at first but I had to point out he was getting to eat where he'd wanted to go for a long time. Men!!

So we go done there (an yes it was delicious - I will now go there more often) and went over to Rosso's a local music store. From there Guitar Center, which was cool. I normally hate going there because Joe gets wrapped up in playing guiatars and all I can do is sit there. Guitar Center was having their Labor Day sale so every musician in town was there. We ran into some friends.
We bought 2 new par can lights and a set of headphones for me for when I am on the computer in the middle of the night and Joe's sleeping. I talked with Bobby, MDA's new bassist and he is going to get me a job there. Okay, cool...

From there BOWLING... It was fun to get Joe I hate to say that but I am the type of person who can have fun doing just about anything. Winning, losing, it doesnt matter. Joe on the other hand is my opposite. If he isn't good at something, he dosnt want to do it, and if he has to, he whines like a baby. Needless tosay, I kicked his ass... both games. In the end even he said it was fun but boy was he frustrated....

Game 1:
Joe 72
Stacy 106

Game 2:
Joe 62
Stacy 103

The rest of the night we chilled at home. I have been rather upset lately with some things and I discussed them with Joe. Lately it seems everything is somehow music related, that there is no time for "us". Even when we do things together most the conversation is about the band or duo. I basically told him if there weren't changes made soon I was done. He asked me not to leave him, and my reply was for him to tell me (try to justify) why I should stay. I think that hit home. We love each other, but I want a husband, not a 24 hour guitar player. I'd never ask him to give up his music but he needs to learn to seperate our marriage from it. Or atleast moderate it. We'll see...

Monday, September 05, 2005

Flat Tires, Arguments, and Just Plain UGGGHHHHH!!

The last 24 hours have been rough. At about this time last night (2:30am), Joe, Pete, and I were heading home from a gig. We stopped at a Hardee's to grab something to eat and as we pulled away from the drive thru window, something didnt sound right. You know that bumping, thumping sound. In other words, a flat tire.

Little did I know how true this
post would turn out to be. Tires and testicles...problems, oh yes indeed!!

Meet Pete's car, a '96 Nission SE. I never knew one car could aggrivate so many people and cause so much kaos in all my life.

So we all realize we've gotten a flat tire and pull into a Crown gas station to see if we can put air in the tire. Nope, not happening. We can't find a puncture anywhere but the air is coming out as quickly as its being put in. Joe buys a can of Fix A Flat from the gas station attendant. Maybe this will seal the leak. Nope!

Oh come on now. It's 2:30 in the freaking morning and all I want is to go to sleep. I didn't even drink enough (yes peeps, I've been a good girl lately) at the gig to be having a fun time with all this. All I can think of is the last time Joe and I broke down (that time with Sean) is when we walked a mile to a house (yes at 2:30am again) and took a cab home because my car was over heating and the battery was drained from trying to repeatedly start it. This is when my car got stolen! My car being stolen is why I am now sitting here thinking all this because we had to ride with Pete. And God how I was wishing at this point that my new car was on the road. And why is it always after a gig and at 2:30am? The things we think of... at 2:30am.... Okay a song just popped in my head, "it's the things that make you go hmmmm".

During this thought process of mine. Pete is on the phone with AAA getting a tow truck and Joe is on phone getting a cab to come. Finally as we are all gathered around Pete's car, tired, frustrated, and looking at the poor thing pitifully, this man comes up to us out of nowhere, asks us if we're broke down? Um, yeah! Flat tired dude. He then proceeds to ask us if we know where he can score some "coke". That's right, now a days you walk up to complete strangers and ask them if they know where you can go get some. Amazing. Joe and I sit on the curb watching as this guy goes from car to car to car on the highways intersection asking people this. Weirdo. But still the word "amazing" comes to mind in a very sarcastic way. This was one of those times when I really wish I'd had my camera.

So finally mine and Joe's cab comes and we head home. So much for actually making money tonight. Pete had to stay and wait for the tow truck. Pete will go in the morning and get a new tire put on.

So today Sunday, we were suppose to have yet another show from 4-8pm all the way across town about 45 minutes away. Pete calls at 11:30am, wakes this sleeping beauty up with the ringing of the phone, and says he is getting ready to go take care of business (the tire). Great! I'm feeling positive. I go back to sleeping and cuddling with Joe.

1:30pm Pete calls again, ah, he is now waiting for his nephew to pick him up so they can go get the new tire. Um, 2 hours have passed since he originally was suppose to be going.

2:30pm rolls around and his nephew has finally arrived. Hallelujah!! It's only been 3 hours and in an hour and half we need to be at the gig. We can do this. Right?

By 3 we were all fighting. Why didnt he take care of this earlier in the morning? He knew he had a gig? These are the questions Joe is asking him on the phone at this point. I am in the background freaking out. Being the person who books their shows, I am now stressed. This is a new club owner who I havent ever dealt with before. I am trying to make a good impression and guess what, this is not helping! Joe is yelling at me because I am yelling at Pete. Pete is yelling at me, I am yelling at Pete. We are all yelling at each other. Every one of us was being fired and/or quitting at some point.

Before you know it the club owner is beeping in on the other end.... "oh yes we are going to be there... (explain situation) ..we might just have to start at 5pm" She is flipping out. They have put up flyers all over town, she was counting on me, this is their grand opening, blah blah...

Now I have been yelled at by three people and damn it all I did was book the gig. My view point is none of this shit would have happened had darling Pete gotten up off his ass and went in the morning to have the tire fixed, repaired.. bought a new one. I honestly dont care... Just if he would have had a tire!

Finally I am on the second call to the club owner and she sends her boyfriend to come pick us up. Yes... you read right. Her boyfriend came and got us. Of course his is after again, Joe and I needing to take a cab to Pete's house.

I have never been so apologenic in all my life as I was to this club owner. Luckily they are both very cool people. It went from her telling me she had wanted to kill me at one point to her saying how sweet I was. THANK GOD! She loved MoJo and we are probably playing there next Sunday. Geese....

I am so happy this weekend is over!

Tomorrow is Labor Day. Joe is home. I just wanna snuggle up to him and forget the world exists....

Friday, September 02, 2005

Tires And Testicles

I saw this online and had to share it with all my "girlfriends" out in cyberland...

So, so true...

Both make you pull your hair out and stare at them in udder disbelief, lol :-)

My Joe and MDA: Mission Accomplished?

As some of you know, hubby Joe, has both an acoustic duo, Acoustic MoJo and a rock band, MDA. The acoustic duo is definately the more known of the two, I think primarily because it's easier to get 2 guys to agree on things related to the project then 4 guys. Too may personaily clashes etc. Fortunately for Joe and MDA as a band, his lead singer and best friend of 20+ years, Pete, is the front man for both acts. This has always made it easier to bring back MDA when it seemingly crashed. It's much easier to replace the other members than the frontman.

After the last clash of personalities, we were unsure of whether it was worth it to try once more. In the 5 years I have been associated with the band (which had just formed when I came into the picture but by another name), there have been many, many changes, mostly drummers and bassists. However, Joe doesnt know life without playing. He's been playing since he was 15 and he's now 38. Through all the ups and downs, I've always stood behind him during he roller coaster ride that is this rock and roll lifestyle. Joe will be the first person to tell you he has played more in the last few years since I started booking his band/duo than he ever played in his entire life. Even my kids, Brian and Michael, Joe's step kids have gotten involved. "Mom you should book Joe **here or there**". They come to shows when they can and have both taken an interest in different instruments. At present Brian wants a drum set. They tell their friends they have a "rock and roll" stepdad and I am now the "cool" mom.

Acoustic MoJo played close to 200 shows by itself last year and only formed in June 2004 while MDA played close to 100 shows. Joe was literally playing from Tuesday to Saturday, sometimes Sunday and sometimes doing 2 shows on Friday if MoJo were booked for a Happy Hour. He also worked his day job. And with this in mind, Joe has lived everywhere from New York to Hollywood and back again, living his rock and roll dream (or trying). He has done the original music band scene, waiting on the record deal, having one, but holding out for the better one... now years later it's easier to do the cover band scene.

So once again we have been one the hunt for both a new bass player and new drummer. MDA hasn't played a show in approximately 2 months now. Thankfully I was able to switch what MDA shows were booked to Acoustic MoJo shows. But... last night we had the first band practice for what hopefully will be the new MDA. I am not going to name names yet but I will say we found 2 very seasoned musicians and although there still needs to be some more practices, I think this might be a good line up. I hope so. MDA is scheduled to take the stage once more on Saturday, September 24th, at Remington's in Beltsville, MD.

Mission accomplished???

Hurricane Katrina

I found this ribbon on Flickr. It is the ribbon being used to show our support for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. My mother lives in Mississippi and is feeling her wrath so his is very close to my heart. Here are some links from Wikipedia about Hurricane Katrina if you would like to follow it more closely. Feel free to download the ribbon and use it on your blogs.
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